» Anastasia Beverly Hills - Shadow Couture World Traveler review

So I got the new Anastasia BH palette "Shadow Couture World Traveler" and thought I would share some pictures and thoughts with you :)

Info from anastasiabeverlyhills.com:

This limited-edition, fashion-forward eye shadow kit is the ultimate makeup artist’s palette. Twelve shades—ranging from a neutral peach to a vibrant blue—deliver smooth, intense color, so you can create an endless array of custom looks. Finishes include matte, satin, and metallic. Formulas can be applied wet or dry.

Soft Peach – Nude pastel peach with an ultra-matte finish.
Morocco – Deep burnt orange with an ultra-matte finish.
Heirloom – Pinky eggplant with a sparkle finish.
Bellini – Golden peach with a satin finish.
Pink Champagne – Shimmery pink with a titanium finish.
Chic – Taupe gray with a shimmer finish.
Spoiled – Gold-flecked peach with a metallic finish.
Fudge – Rich, chocolate brown with an ultra-matte finish.
Azure – Vibrant blue with a metallic finish.
Intense Gaze – Bronzed pink with a satin finish.
Metallic – Brassy gold with a metallic finish.
Noir – Deep carbon black with an ultra-matte finish.

Price: $30.00 

I think this palette has been beautifully put together with the essential matte nude shadows along with shimmery ones. I like that this palette has a bit of everything! It includes a lot of different finishes, for example we have a titanium finish in "Pink champagne" which stands out. The matte shadows are very smooth and creamy with impressive pigmentation. I especially love Marocco, it has become a new favourite that I use a lot. It's perfect to use with the other mattes for a warm toned, grungy eye makeup (which is what I wear way too often).  Another favourite in the palette is Azure, a gorgeous metallic blue that I'm in love with. I feel that some of the shimmery ones will need to be applied wet to achieve full effect, (but they'll work just fine when dry aswell). This palette provides what you need for natural day time looks aswell as dark smokey eyes or a pop of colour. It is quite versital in other words! Overall, a very nice palette of high quality that is not overly expensive.

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